Building an American Source of Lithium Hydroxide to Power the Electric Vehicle Transition

Lithium Demand is Positively Electric.

As the world searches for cleaner sources of energy to help reduce carbon emissions, an opportunity is being created for countries and companies that can answer the call, especially as it relates to transportation. As car companies like GM, Ford, Tesla and others are proving, the demand for electric vehicles (EV) of all kinds is growing rapidly in the U.S. and around the globe. Some projections indicate that by 2030 there will be approximately 245 million electric vehicles on the road around the world, accounting for about 30% of new car sales, and as much as 60% by 2040. But none of this growth will be possible without growth in the production of lithium-ion batteries, and that will require growth in the availability of lithium, and in particular, lithium hydroxide. The adage, “If it can’t be grown it must be mined” serves as a reminder that electric vehicles, energy storage, and a clean economy begin with metals, and in this particular case, they begin with lithium.

Investing in U.S. Workers by
Investing in U.S.-sourced Lithium

It’s not often that whole new industries and economies are born. This is one of those times and the U.S. has an opportunity to lead the world in the production of lithium hydroxide, lithium-ion batteries, and electric vehicles of all kinds. The U.S. invented the automobile industry, and we have a chance to reinvent it; creating new jobs and new opportunities for displaced workers in the oil, gas and coal industries, raising household incomes, creating a more sustainable planet, and helping America lead the world in the new energy economy.