Whistleblower Hotline

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Whistleblower Hotline

In order to facilitate a complete investigation, provide as many details as possible, including a description of the questionable practice or behavior, the names of any persons involved, the names of possible witnesses, dates, times, places and any other available details. The Company encourages all complaints or concerns to come forward with information and prohibits retaliation against employees raising concerns. Nonetheless, if an employee feels more comfortable doing so, reports may be made confidentially and/or anonymously in the manner described above.

Additionally, the company maintains a compliance whistleblower hotline that provides all employees and external stakeholders a secure mechanism for the reporting of unsafe conditions or possible policy, ethical or legal violations. Any such reports will be promptly forwarded to the company’s board of directors. The compliance whistleblower hotline is managed by an independent third-party provider and is available around the clock.

All issues are handled confidentially and complies with legal obligations. You have the option of reporting anonymously. Please note that withholding important details could inhibit the company’s ability to conduct as more thorough investigation.

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