Quartz. Felspar. Mica. By-product recovery from lithium processing used to create essential consumer products.

Essential Minerals

Minerals have been a vital commodity to human development from the Bronze Age forward. They’re found in rocks, seawater, river water, and groundwater and exist in nearly every manmade product. Yet most people are unfamiliar with just how extensively mineral resources are used to create products for their everyday lives.

Piedmont Lithium will not only provide the critical mineral, Lithium Hydroxide, for electric vehicle battery production, we will also provide other essential minerals used to create consumer and industrial products.

North Carolina leads the nation in feldspar, lithium, and mica production and remains in the top 21 mineral producers by value in the nation. Piedmont Lithium’s mineral-rich location within the state’s Tin-Spodumene Belt gives us access to a varied and complex geology and the ability to produce several essential minerals as a byproduct of our Lithium from Spodumene operations.

Graphic of different mineral products.

Our Partners

Ion Carbon & Minerals

Ion Carbon & Minerals, LLC (“Ion”), a division of AMCI Group, will provide sales and marketing of the mineral by-products produced from Piedmont’s lithium mine in North Carolina, USA.

Pronto Minerals

Pronto Minerals will serve as the exclusive sales and marketing agent for quartz, feldspar, and mica produced from the Piedmont Lithium Project.