Our People

For our people, through the Piedmont Promise, Piedmont Lithium works to build a culture where safety, environment, and health are important aspects of our activities, and the well-being of our employees is always a top priority. We are committed to maintaining a safe workplace, executing best practices, and holding ourselves to high safety standards. We are also committed to establishing a diverse workforce with an inclusive and equitable culture. We are creating an environment where each person feels valued, respected, and able to represent their authentic selves at work.

Safety and Health

Piedmont is committed to creating a culture that helps empower people to work safely, care for each other, and do the right thing. We strive for continuous improvement with the objective to lead in all areas of safety, environment, and health (SEH), and we are building the management system of policies, procedures, and practices that help support these efforts.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Piedmont, we believe that diversity of thought, which comes from our diverse backgrounds and experiences, serves as the greatest catalyst for inspiration, innovation, and creativity. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that recognizes our people are our greatest asset. We are focused on creating an environment that encourages our employees to share their unique perspectives, bring their authentic selves to work, and embrace the differences of others.

Growth, Training, and Development

Offering opportunities for our people to grow and develop in their careers is a key priority at Piedmont Lithium. As we bring operations online and build the employee base required to support that effort, our commitment to investing in our employees also will grow. We aim to transfer knowledge within the organization to help ensure not only the success of Piedmont, but of our people.

Responsible Sourcing

Even for the most socially responsible organization, the supply chain can serve as a source of many social issues. At Piedmont Lithium, we believe that the people who support our supply chain should be treated with dignity and that products and services are acquired in a way that reflects our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.