The Potential Side Effects of Testosterone Enanthate

The Potential Side Effects of Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone enanthate is a commonly used testosterone replacement therapy for men with low levels of the hormone. While it can be an effective treatment for certain conditions, there are also potential side effects that users should be aware of.

Common Side Effects

Some of the most common side effects of testosterone enanthate include:

  • Acne: Increased levels of testosterone can lead to breakouts on the skin.
  • Hair Loss: Some users may experience hair loss or thinning while taking testosterone enanthate.
  • Fluid Retention: This can cause swelling in the hands, feet, or ankles.

Serious Side Effects

While less common, testosterone enanthate can also cause more serious side effects such as:

  • Cardiovascular Issues: High levels of testosterone can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Liver Damage: Prolonged use of testosterone enanthate can put strain on the liver.
  • Mood Changes: Some users may experience mood swings or aggression while on this medication.


It’s important for anyone considering testosterone enanthate therapy to be aware of the potential side effects and discuss them with their healthcare provider. While the benefits of this treatment can be significant for those with low testosterone levels, it’s crucial to weigh the risks and benefits before starting therapy.